Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rebirth Design Contest

Rebirth Brass Band, as a whole, has always been a grassroots organization. For the majority of the band's career they have always epitomized the concept of "Do-it-yourself." This ethic has been vastly supported by a crew of fans that would rush to Rebirth's rescue anytime there was a need that couldn't be fulfilled "in house."

Now that D.I.Y spirit has been carried over to the online world. If you haven't noticed, Rebirth has recently spread its love to several new forms of social media. We have renewed our efforts to keep up our MySpace and Facebook, along with starting a Twitter site, YouTube channel, and this blog. All of these have proven invaluable in helping us keep our fans up-to-date with all the developments in the Rebirth world, and we want to keep that flow goin'!!!

Rebirth's management team (the fine folks at the Howlin Wolf) has designers on-staff that have provided many of our fantastic web designs and logos in the past. However, we thought it would be a great opportunity to give YOU, our fans, a chance to contribute to the Rebirth legacy!

We are asking any and all designers (or even wannabe designers) to participate in our very first "Rebirth Design Contest." We are looking specifically for web banners (for our blog and a new website), but any and all designs will be accepted and considered. The winners will receive a ton of swag (tshirts, CDs, and tickets), along with mentions, attribution, and website links on all of our various sites (free promotion for you). However, the real prize will be knowing that a piece of your art will become a part of the symbolism that has made Rebirth the worldwide icon that it has always been.

The theme of your submission can be anything you like. Just keep in mind that Rebirth recently celebrated its 25th year of bringing the sound of New Orleans to the world! For further info or to submit a design, please contact Matt Bodie at bodie.matt@gmail.com. We will be posting these designs from time to time, and we may even work out a way that our fans can vote for the winner.

Thank you all for everything that you have already done for The Rebirth Brass Band. Whether it be coming to a show, buying a CD, or showing us some love on MySpace and Twitter, your support has made Rebirth what it is. We can only hope that you, like us, want to continue that love for 25 more years!!

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