Friday, February 6, 2009

The Sixty One

In an attempt to utilize as many different forms of social media as we can to spread the word of Rebirth to the world, we have joined a site called The Sixty One (follow this link to the site). For all of you who are unfamiliar; The Sixty One is part social network, part new music, and part competition. Bands submit their music. Fans join and are given a number of points. Fans get to "bump" up songs that they like. Bumping an artist or band costs the fan a certain number of points, however if other fans bump the song you are rewarded points for liking good music.

I (Matt, Rebirth's blog lackey) originally joined the site as a fan who wanted to discover new music. I didn't originally participate in the competition aspect of the site (and that's okay if you just want to listen to new music), but as I grew to the site I began bumping artists and became infected by the competition.

I say this to encourage you all to try it out!!! If for no other reason than to show some support for Rebirth on a new form of social media, but also so you can enjoy this cool new idea. So visit the site and show some love for your favorite New Orleans band!! We've only been on the site for less than a week and we've already gotten over 130 bumps between the two songs. We're well on our way to taking over!!!

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